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Content Is King -
Copywriting and
Editing Online

The guide book - for marketers, copywriters and editors.

By David Mill
ISBN 0750663170
Butterworth Heinemann
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Content Is King
Writing and Editing Online

The Online Writing and Editing Guide Book
for Marketers, Copywriters and Editors ...

  • Preface.

  • Acknowledgements.

  • Introduction - Content is King.

  • Copywriting for Online.


  • Readers and skimmers examined.
  • Why you get more from writing less.
  • Dealing with multiple website entry points.
  • How to get to the point pyramid style.
  • Grabbing readers' attention with typography.
  • Interacting with your readers.
  • Developing the one-to-one relationship.
  • More...

  • The Fundamentals.


  • Getting to know your online reader.
  • How to reveal your personality.
  • Building your credibility to gain trust.
  • Humour - funny, it's not always funny.
  • Your promotional writing for the web.
  • How to be persuasive.
  • More...

  • Sub-Editing.

  • How to edit your own copy.
    (with a little help from your friends)
  • Effective use of headings, sub-headings and the rest.
  • Hyperlinking with meaning.
  • Oops - some costly (and funny) mistakes.
  • Are you styles better? You can and should be.
  • More...
  • The structure of your website.
  • Planning your content.
  • Why it's important to establish the goals and purposes.
  • Get visual with your site structure.
  • Website changes - what, when and why.
  • The benefits of some forward planning.
  • More...
  • Applying the science to writing for the web.
  • Your Home page is where the heart is.
  • Destinations that deliver the goods.
  • Actions which are louder than words.
  • Shoppers, browsers, researchers and other readers.
  • Their privacy is important to you.
  • Developing your FAQs.
  • More...
  • Why search engines love the words we weave.
  • Targeting those searched-for phrases.
  • Tools to help your research.
  • Emphasis and high rankings.
  • Getting to the source of the code.
  • Mastering your titles and tags.
  • Off the page factors that also matter.
  • More...

  • Writing and Editing for Email.


  • Planning your email content.
  • How to give the readers what they want.
  • The key email content elements.
  • Your perfectly shaped body.
  • Developing personality and tone.
  • Successful calls to action.
  • Timing is everything.
  • Your email and the law.
  • More...

  • Writing and Editing for Ads.

  • Classified advertising with a twist.
  • Your Top 10 creative tips.
  • Ads in your Ezines and Newsletters.
  • Sharing success with designers.
  • The golden rules for banners.
  • Making friends with your ad partners.
  • More...

  • Writing and Editing - the Variety Show.


  • Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C)
    - adapting your style.
  • Hello, can I help you - the virtual salesperson.
  • Ingredients of successful copywriting for catalogues.
  • Getting personal and down to business with blogs (web logs).
  • SMS marketing - writiN sms txt msgz.
  • More...

  • Conclusions.

  • Checklists.

Online writing - checklists.

Writing for SMS.

Content Is King
Writing and Editing Online

Readership: Marketers; Specialist web marketers; Dedicated staff employed to write online copy; PR agencies; eMarketing agencies.

ISBN: 0-7506-6317-0

Line Illustrations: 40
Measurements: 156 X 234 mm
Pages: 208
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann

Price: £22.99

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Content Is King - Writing and Editing Online.

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